How Speeding Can Destroy Your Retirement Dreams

I think we've all been guilty of driving over the speed limit  at some time in our lives haven't we? I know I have.

Maybe you were late for an important meeting  and thought that driving just a little faster might make things better. After all, this strategy works most of the time doesn't it?

The reason I bring this up is that someone recently asked me a similar question about their 401k plan.

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7 Ways to a Happier Retirement

Picture this—it's Friday afternoon, your work is done, and you have the weekend ahead of you. But what makes this weekend different than any other weekend is the two-week vacation following it. You wish your colleagues well, they express similar thoughts, and you head toward freedom.

Of course, you're excited! Travel, new experiences, time away from the mundane, and time to recharge.

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How to Unlock the Potential in Your Life Insurance Policy

I decided to sell my motorcycle the other day.

There wasn't anything wrong with it.   It was a beautiful bike and it was in really good shape. It had low miles and ran well. The reason I sold it was because it didn't suit my needs anymore.

I bought the bike back in 2005 and a lot has changed since then. The biggest change was that I am now in my 50s. When I bought it I was in my 30s. That bike was perfect for the younger man I used to be but somehow it wasn't quite right for the more ‘mature' man I had become.

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How to Disinherit Your Loved Ones … By Accident

It seems simple – Hire an attorney, sign the appropriate paper work, and after you die, your assets will go to whoever you choose, right?

But what if things don't get distributed the way you directed?   Is it actually possible to work with an attorney, draw up a will, and still have your possessions go to the wrong people?

The sad truth is that this happens far more often than you might imagine.

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Could a Reverse Mortgage Save Your Retirement Dreams?

Do any of you feel like The Baby Boomers are getting a bad rap these days?  

It seems like every day we are bombarded by negative articles and news stories about Boomers and money.  

W e are told that Boomers haven't saved enough.  

They need to get serious about retirement. Baby Boomers are simply not being responsible with their finances. It's enough to give you a complex.

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Income in our Golden Years

As adults, we know the importance of saving for retirement. It's really easy. Just set up an automatic withdrawal from each month's paycheck and direct it into a retirement account. What becomes trickier is the amount we should be saving and how it should be invested.

But what happens as we enter retirement? We've been saving money our entire lives. In theory, we know what's needed–simply rely on savings, Social Security, and if we have one, a pension.

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