Can You Afford To Retire?

What is it like to work with the Hafner Financial Group?

Times have changed. Planning a comfortable Retirement can be confusing and frustrating today. But if you work with the Hafner Financial Group, we can take some of the mystery out of Financial Planning. We do this by educating and guiding you so you might have more confidence in the decisions you make as well as the viability of the plan we create together.

On this page, you will learn what kind of results to expect. You will also get a sense of our guiding beliefs, our approach and how we’re different than most other Financial Planning and Investment Advisory firms.

Results you can expect:

We will show you how to…

  • Make Your Money Work for you: The stock market is a powerful force. We will show you how to harness its power for your benefit.
  • Want to take More Vacations and Cruises? Some of our clients discover that they have more discretionary spending than they thought.
  • Create Retirement Income: By working with us you will learn how to convert your Retirement Assets into an income stream you can rely on.
  • Better Understanding of Taxes: We will work with you, and your tax advisor if needed, to make sure we do our best to help you manage your taxes so you don’t have any surprises.
  • Overcome Market Volatility: Together we will create a Retirement plan that anticipates and prepares for market volatility. Together we will structure things in such a way that we build in liquidity in spite of market fluctuations.
  • Fear of Outliving Assets: Together we will assess different scenarios until we find one that you believe will work well for you.
  • We take the Mystery out of Retirement Planning: We do this by working collaboratively with you on your Retirement Plan. You are with us every step of the way and we never take another step until you are fully on board and understand why we are doing what we are doing it.
  • Teach you how to make your investments work for you: Just as Tesla and Westinghouse were able to harness the power of Niagara Falls to create electrical power for millions of families, we will show you how to harness the power of the stock market for the benefit of you and your family.
What Makes HFG Unique?

What makes HFG unique?

As the owner and President of the HFG, I work one on one with all our clients. We take the time to get to know you and your family. Investing can be nerve-wracking, we place a high priority on you feeling at ease with any decisions we come to. If you don’t feel good about what we are doing, we want to slow down until we come to a consensus on a path that feels right to you.

We take the mystery out of Financial Planning: When you work with the Hafner Financial Group, we do your Financial Planning together. We do this by using our Financial Possibilities Wizard. The beauty of using this approach is that it allows you to dream big and try on various Retirement ideas, aspirations, and scenarios such as cruises, vacations, and purchases. In using this approach, you are able to instantly see how these decisions affect the bottom line of your Retirement. And you see all this projected onto a 70-inch TV screen in living color.

We simplify your Retirement Planning: Before you retired you were used to getting a paycheck on a regular schedule and in Retirement we believe it is important that this continues. That is why when you work with Hafner Financial Group, we will make sure that you receive one electronic transfer deposited to your bank on the same day every month.

Our Retirement Plans are flexibleso that when life happens and you need to make changes, we have the ability to change course and allow you to do what needs to be done.

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