Reflecting on 2019

As a new year approaches, it is only natural for us to reflect on how things went in 2019. Personal and professional accomplishments may take center stage. Or, we may take stock of any disappointments and re-calibrate as 2020 approaches. Yet, I know it’s a busy time. Christmas shopping, holiday parties, tree trimming, family visits, and year-end cheer may already be stacking up on the calendar. Nevertheless, it’s not too soon to start thinking about taxes. In prior conversations, we have talked about tax reform. Some are comfortable with the new rules. Others are still just wading into the tax reform pool, so to speak. Before we jump into our year-end planning piece, I want to stress to you that it’s my job to partner with you. I can’t over emphasize this, and I would be happy to review your options. As with any tax matters, also feel free to consult with your tax advisor.
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4 Reasons to Change Up Your Investment Portfolio

I often meet families who created an investment portfolio many, many years ago. And while it seems to have performed great during their pre-retirement years, they are sometimes surprised to learn that those same investments may not serve them well in Retirement.

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Change the Channel

Do you remember the last time you were in your car and a song came on the radio that you didn’t like? And I don’t mean a song that was okay, but not one of your favorites. I’m talking about a song you really didn’t like. Maybe it was the song that was playing when the love of your life broke up with you or after your dog died.

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How To Keep The State From Taking Your Investments

Have you ever lost your keys? It’s incredibly frustrating, isn’t it?

It seems impossible. How can they not be right where you left them?

The good news about losing your keys is that you are going to discover they’re lost pretty quickly. After all, without them, you can’t drive your car or get into your house.

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How to Make Preferred Stock Duration Work for You

Interest rates are low and the stock market is high. What is an investor to do? Isn't there a way to get higher yields with less risk?

Well, the answer could be yes if you are willing to look at preferred stock duration.

What Is a Preferred Stock?

Preferred stocks are a hybrid security. This means they have the characteristics of both bonds and stocks.

Like bonds, they pay dividends. This makes them attractive to an investor looking for income.

Like stocks, preferred stocks can appreciate in value.

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